Quick-Release 2UP Sissybar Backrest & Luggage Rack Combo for Indian Chieftain, Roadmaster, Springfield 2014 & up, Challenger 2020

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Now you can have style, function, comfort, and durability all in one product for your Indian Chiefain, Roadmaster, Springfield or Challenger! This 2UP Sissybar Backrest and Luggage Rack combo is perfect for taking your +1 on the road with you. We have tested this multiple times and have made the changes we saw were needed, and now it is ready to go out into the world and onto your Indian Chiefain, Roadmaster, Springfield, or Challenger!


2014 & up Chieftain, Roadmaster, Springfield
Challenger 2020

Sissy Bar Specs:
22" tall from top of back mounting spool to top of backrest pad.
3/4" DOM tubing
10 gauge CR Steel

Pad Specs:
12" wide, 9" tall

Luggage Rack Specs:
11" X 9" carrying surface
3/4" DOM tubing
10 gauge CR Steel

Matte Black
Gloss Black

*We currently sell these in Gloss and Matte Black. If you would like to request Chrome, please email us at sales@motherwellproducts.com.