Measuring Your Fender for a Solo Rack

Below you'll find a diagram and explanations on how to measure your rear fender for a solo rack! Often, we will find that although we do not list a solo luggage rack that fits your bike, we already have one that fits. Please use the instructions below on how to measure your Harley-Davidson rear fender, and then refer to our fitment list guide for Solo Racks (coming soon)!



A: Three-point Mounting system - two mounting points just behind the fender, and the third located at C.

B: Two-point mounting system - one mounting point just behind the seat, and one located at C.

C: The rear mounting point, usually around the middle of the fender.

D: The used to measure the distance between the mounting points.



First we need to know if you have a three-point or a two-point mounting system. Look directly behind your seat, to where it mounts on the fender. You will see either two mounting holes (as pointed out by A in the diagram) or one mounting hole (as pointed out by B in the diagram.

If you have three mounting holes (A):

Find the middle of the two mounting holes, and measure from that middle point to point C on the fender (follow the red line - D).

If you have two mounting holes (B):

Measure the distance between holes B and C from center-to-center of the mounting holes (follow the red line - D).