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      "Sturdy is an understatement! After I set up my tent, I used your rack to get a load of firewood! I can't imagine traveling without it. I was going to purchase a back rest and load everything in my pillion, but I saved serious money purchasing your rack instead. That's not to mention what firewood does to the leather of a passenger seat."
      From Customer Nathan Harris about his MWL-625


      Cindy's Scout! A big thank you to Cindy for all her help in the production of this rack!
      Customers Scout

      From Dave in ND
      Dave in ND

      From Bill in CA
      Bill Rowsome CA

      From Ken in WA
      Ken in WA

      Sent in by Ryan O'Connell from Western Australia
      MWL-510 W AustraliaMWL-510 W AustraliaMWL-510 W Australia