Harley Luggage Rack for Road kings with C&C, Brawler, or Danny Solo Seat MWL-422

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7" Solo Luggage rack for Touring Models 97-UP and Roadkings with a C&C, Brawler, or Danny Gray Solo Seat

Please review fitment information prior to placing your order.

Motherwell's signature solo luggage rack provides a combination of durability & style at it's best! Each luggage rack is constructed from solid steel, TIG welded, hand polished, then Chromed or Powder-Coated to a show-quality finish. The rack has a simple mounting system and a sleek shape that follows the curve of your fender. The pride of our craftsmanship shines through!

This is a pillion seat replacement.


Part Number: MWL-422

Chrome: MWL-422-CH
Gloss Black: MWL-422-GB

Harley-Davidson Touring Models 97-UP and Roadkings using a C&C, Brawler, or Danny Gray Solo Seat.
*This rack is made specifically for Touring Models 97-UP and Roadkings that are using a C&C, Brawler, or Danny Gray Solo Seat with a T Bracket. The front tab slides onto the existing mount on the T Bracket.*

-Carrying Surface: 11" x 7"
-Mounting Distance: 8.5" (measured from center to center of mounting holes)
-Materials: 3/8" Steel Wire, 1/2" Steel Tubing, 12-gauge Steel
-Finishes: Chrome, Gloss Black, Matte Black

Comes with bolts, washers, and foam pads for installing your rack.

If the back hole in your fender has a plastic plug or is empty, you will need a Fender Seat-Nut Kit.

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