Street Bob Luggage Rack MWL-136-18

  • Matte Black
  • Gloss Black
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Motherwell's solo luggage rack for Harley Davidson Street Bob and Softail Standard (2018 and newer) isn’t just extreme eye candy; it’s also useful for hauling around your gear. If you want an easy to install and smooth looking luggage rack for your bike, grab this while you can.

If the back hole in your fender has a plastic plug or is empty, you will need a Fender Seat-Nut Kit.


Carrying Surface: 15" by 6" (38.1 cm x 15.2 cm)

Mounting Distance: 12" (from middle of forward mounting hole to center of pillion hole)

Materials: 3/8" (0.96 cm) Steel Wire, 12 gauge steel

Includes: Bolts, Washers & Foam Pads


Fitment List

FXBB Harley Davidson Street Bob 2018 & UP

Harley Davidson Softail Standard 2018 & UP

Part Number: MWL-136-18

Chrome: MWL-136-18-CH

Matte Black: MWL-136-18-MB

Gloss Black: MWL-136-18-GB

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Installation Guide
Installation Guide is not available for this item.

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