Luggage Rack for Tall Rigid Sissy Bar MWL-159-18

  • Gloss Black
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Maximize convenience

Perfect for carrying additional cargo and ideal for both short commutes and extended road trips.

  •  Meticulously constructed with precision in design and use of premium materials.
  •  Designed and manufactured on-site with end to end control over the process resulting in superior quality
  •  Built to endure the challenges of diverse riding conditions



  • Carrying surface of 9 x 8 1/2 in.
  • The rack has a brilliant gloss black powder coated finish
  • Mounts with black anodized billet aluminum mounting blocks
  • Heavy tubular construction
  • Made in the USA

Fitment List

Fitment; works with MWL-156T-18 product line and H-D rigid mounted sissy bar part number 52300502 Black & 52300503 Chrome

Part Number: MWL-159-18

Variant Attributes
Installation Guide
Installation Guide is not available for this item.

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