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MotherwellKelly with his dog and bike Products USA, Inc was established October 31, 1994 by the existing CEO Kelly Motherwell. Kelly picked up his first Harley-Davidson FXR in 1985  when he was just 22 years old on a fly-and-ride to the Harley-Davidson factory in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and always reflects back on that trip and the ride home that shaped what would become a life long passion.  

Kelly and his daughter on a bike

As a Journeyman Welder / Fabricator by trade, his passion for riding extended into designing and manufacturing reliable, quality products at reasonable price points. As a solo rider, Kelly knew there had to be a better way to haul his 6 pack to the party yet be ready for a real road trip in an instant! He needed a solo luggage rack that was useful, yet when he wasn't carrying anything he wanted that luggage rack to beautify the back end of his ride.

Thus, his signature creation the " Solo Luggage Rack" was born. You can distinctively tell a Motherwell rack from the rest. The shape of the luggage rack hugs the curve of the fender making it not only practical but real eye candy as well. Although some have tried to replicate our look, none have come close to putting practicality, durability, and show quality finishing into one package. 

At Motherwell Products, we take great pride in our workmanship and guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of our products. All products are manufactured using high-quality steel, TIG welded, hand polished, and chromed or powder coated to a show-quality perfection. With the support of several well known industry distributors, Motherwell Products operates throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. Products may also be purchased directly from Motherwell Products USA, Inc. through their website or call center.