Motherwell Products USA Inc. is a motorcycle luggage rack manufacturing company and was first established October 31, 1994 by the existing CEO Kelly Motherwell. With the support of several top name industry distributors, Motherwell Products operates throughout the U.S as well as internationally.

Motherwell Products is known for its signature motorcycle "Solo Luggage Rack" which was creatively designed to beautify the back end of the motorcycle and provide style & durability for the solo rider out traveling the road. Nothing on the market has seen the same level of quality with solid steel construction or style. The shape of the luggage rack hugs the curve of the fender making it not only practical, but real eye candy as well. You can distinctively tell a Motherwell Rack from the rest. Although some have tried to replicate our style, none have come close to putting show quality style and durability into the one package.

At Motherwell Products, we take great pride in our workmanship and guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of our products. All products are manufactured using high quality steel and/or tubing, tig welded, hand polished, and chromed to show quality perfection.

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